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Heritage Ornament
Ashok Thadani

Since its inception in 1975, founder Ashok Thadani has carefully and devotedly built Abhipriya Jewellers into a renowned and distinguished brand that promises dazzlingly-exceptional quality and impeccable service. The Thadani family’s very history is steeped in the quest for distinction in the art of jewellery creation. His father, the late Bhagwandas Thadani was an eminent jeweller, closely associated with Calcutta’s Satramdas Dhalamal, established in 1930 and currently India’s oldest-known jewellery store.

After his graduation from St. Xavier’s College in Calcutta, Ashok Thadani had initially chosen to pursue higher education in the field of Chartered Accountancy. But familial conventions had beckoned, and he eventually found his true calling in the jewellery industry amidst dazzling diamonds and glittering gold. He joined the family establishment’s sister concern M/S Lalchand Dhalamal (Colaba, Mumbai) as an apprentice, and mastered the intricacies of the jewellery-making craft under the expert guidance of two highly-esteemed jewellers – Late Shri Nathurmal L. Mahtani and Chandru N. Mahtani. 


In recent years, the inheritors of the Thadani family legacy – Abhishek and Priyanka have endeavoured to infuse the eponymously-named Abhipriya Jewellers with fresh, innovative ideas and ideologies, oriented towards more-personalized and value-added services for the clients.

In Indian culture, jewellery is so often a symbol of our values, traditions and even the celebrations of our lives. Jewellery is also an extension of people’s inherent personalities. Hence, at Abhipriya Jewellers it is our constant endeavour to design signature pieces that are customized to reflect the inner YOU.


Abhipriya Jewellers specializes in custom-made jewellery for women of all ages, and for all occasions, including the most important event in any woman’s life – her wedding. Our trousseau jewellery is designed to truly embody and signify the lifetime union between two individuals. Every piece is designed with a specific motive. Each diamond is selected after a diligent process of the assortment and meticulous quality checks. The craftsmanship combines the use of today’s cutting-edge technology along with the time-tested techniques of yore. At Abhipriya Jewellers, quality is our hallmark and customer satisfaction our objective. 

Park Street in Calcutta (Kolkata)

Park Street in Calcutta (Kolkata) Circa 1930

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